Dorset Organised Assassins Murder Mystery

Whodunnits? in Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset, Surrey, Sussex, Wiltshire

Choose a theme for your

DOA Murder Mystery evening:

Murder Most Sparkly

October 31st 1959.

Dastardly skullduggery at the
'Come Quickly Dancing' TV studio.
A tale of glamour, athletic young men
and women - confined, controlled and owned
by an older generation of dance legends
who are trying to keep a grip on
their powerful empires.
Televisual glitz meets tawdry superstition,
and everyone needs a lucky charm
if they are to survive.

Glam up, get those toes tapping...

but no footsy under the table!

Despicable Deadly

Olympic Twists

1980 Olympic village.

In the British quarters,

one day before the crucial finals against
the Russian team.
Success for the gymnastics team runs on
the desire to get rich in the process.
Discover who the power-brokers are,
and just how desperate the small cogs can be.

Get out your licra for an evening of
fiesty fun, British banter and

Russian Roulette!

Pamper Day Death

in the Spa

A new super rich and plush hotel

in the New Forest.

Everyone has arrived for some relaxing
spa therapy after a huge lunch of mushrooms
(as it is the start of the fungi season!)
Can you be pampered to death?
A story of empire building at any cost.
Black deeds, mistruths and
reasons for vengeance.

Time for your top tiaras and time peices,
or show off your booty and beer bellies!
(But we will keep count of the bath towels...!)

Film Noir

'Death in Manhatten'

1920's Manhatten

A swanky hotel backroom Speakeasy.
Celebrating the opening of Mr Big's
new shrimp processing warehouse,
which will supply all the restaurants,
hotels and bars in Manhatten.
Elegance and shimmering wealth at the
big celebrity event 'Slurpadoopa'.
But the slimey underbelly of greed and
Oriental gangland corruption soon surfaces.
Power crazed individuals forge alliances with enemies, and the tangled web leads to an unexpected victim.
Is that a gun in your pocket?
or are you just pleased to see me?

......You dirty rat!

Splash out on some spats

...mine's a Manhatten!

A Bespoke Mystery

We can also provide a bespoke Murder Mystery evening, to a theme of your choice.
Damon, (our expert plotter!) will write a

bespoke plot for your evening.
Perhaps your evening is for a special person

who has a particular interest or passion in life

that can be the theme for the evening.
Or maybe you all belong to a group, company

or club with a specific interest.