Dorset Organised Assassins Murder Mystery

Whodunnits? in Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset, Surrey, Sussex, Wiltshire

How It Works

Your Murder Mystery evening with

Dorset Organised Assassins (DOA),

takes place throughout your banquet

or dinner party.

As your guests have their pre-meal drinks,

our actors will stage a short scripted scene to set the tone for the evening and introduce the characters to you.

Each Mystery will involve 5 actors.

During this scene, something rather unfortunate will happen to one of the characters, in other words,

they will be kicking the ice bucket!

The actors will remain with your guests throughout the evening while you have your meal (it is not necessary for the actors to be given meals, if you would like the actors

to eat with you, we can offer you

a 20% discount on our fee).

If your dinner involves a number of

separate tables, an actor will sit at each table, and they will rotate through the tables

between courses, so all guests have

a chance to interrogate each actor.

You are also free to approach any actor on another table if you have a burning question.

If you have 1 banquet table, actors will be spread along the table, rotating positions throughout the evening.

Each table will represent a different 'team'

of investigators, or if it is one banquet table,

it will be divided into 2 or 3 teams

(just be careful not to expose your findings to the team next to you!)

Your guests then have the task of working out who did the dastardly deed,

why they did it, and how they got hold of the means to do it.

At certain points in the evening, our

Detective Inspector will hand out some clues uncovered by him/her, to help your guests

with their interrogations.

Ask the characters as many questions as you like, delve into their psyche!

Could they be capable of such thing?

Why would they do it?

How did they get hold of the means to do it?

......Are they telling the truth!?

At the end of the evening, each team will be given a statement to fill out with their findings.

Who? ...Why? ...How?

A member of each team is invited to read out their solution. Our Detective will then reveal

his expert opinion and the team closest

to this revelation is the winner!

We offer 4 different Murder Mystery evenings, each has a different theme.

Choose your theme and please do encourage your guests to dress up appropriately,

it makes a much more eventful evening if everyone is in this together!

We can also provide a bespoke Murder Mystery evening, to a theme of your choice.

Damon, (our expert plotter!) will write a bespoke plot and for your evening.

Perhaps your evening is for a special person who has a particular interest or passion in life that can be the theme for the evening?

Expect lots of laughs, intrigue and fabulous entertainment for your

special occasion!